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8 no-condom comebacks to commit to memory ASAP

Making the choice to have sex for the first time can be a big one.

While it’s all about you feeling ready and comfortable when you decide to have sex, it’s equally important to know how to deal if someone asks you to do so without protection.

All you ever have to do is remember these no-condom comebacks in case you, or even a friend, get stuck in a tricky situation and you don’t exactly know how to deal with it.

1 “But it feels better without a condom…”

I’m sorry, but I’m really not comfortable having sex without one.

2 “Have you ever heard of the morning after pill?”

Yes, but that doesn’t protect me from STIs.

3 “If you’re on the pill, everything will be OK.”

If you care about me, you should care about my health.

4 “I don’t have one…”

Let’s try again another time.

5 “It’s OK – I’m sure I don’t have anything.”

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

6 “Condoms kill the mood.”

So does Chlamydia.

7 “Oh, I never use condoms.”

Hmmm, really? You totally should.

8 “We’ve been seeing each other for a while now and I want to feel closer to you…”

Snuggling after sex will bring us closer – seriously, let’s try it.

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