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Tips for dating: How to turn a first date into a second one

No need to stress; here are some tips to slay that first date!

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Whatever you are going to do, be it dinner, a movie, coffee or surfing, being straightforward and clear will ensure smooth sailing. That’s not to say you should dictate by any stretch of the imagination; but have an idea and ask your date if that will work for them: “How does meeting at Dough on Saturday at 6pm sound? We can grab a pizza and head down to the beach for a picnic. We can switch it up if you had something in mind.”

Phones down

It’s a good idea to have your phone at the ready in case of emergency. Safety first! But that doesn’t mean you have to be sharing your story, updating your status, or posting selfies the whole time. Why not put down your phone and have a chat with your date. At a loss on what to talk about? Exploring each other’s favourite bands, movies, TV shows, books, and places to travel is a great place to start. A good conversation can be the spark that lights the fire.

Be prepared

Romantic vibes? You might be ready to take it to the next level. If a pash is in your future, maybe carry some mints. Thinking about something more? That is definitely something to talk about. It’s early days, so it’s cool to wait until you’re both ready. But if you think that sex is something that could happen, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. You won’t regret having some condoms with you just in case. They’re lightweight, easy to slip into your back pocket or handbag and have on hand when needed. Don’t forget, condoms offer the best protection against STIs. Always use a condom when having anal or vaginal sex. Condoms or dams can also be used during oral sex.

Lock it down

Successful first date! Go on and lock the next one down before you go your separate ways. You’ll head home from the date happy knowing the next one is just around the corner.  

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