About In Real Life – stories about sex and relationships – In Real Life

About In Real Life – stories about sex and relationships

When it comes to sex and relationships, life can be complicated. Really complicated.

Sure there’s the information they teach you in sex-ed classes at school but like the maths you learnt, it not always that practical. I mean when are you ever going to need to know how long a 200 litre bath tub with a 3 litre per hour leak will take to empty!

Which is why we’ve created In Real Life.

You’ll find ‘real world’ answers to questions on everything from sex, to relationships, pregnancy, STIs, contraception, your body and more. And not just from health experts, but from everyday people who’ll tell you in their own words how they got through this sometimes confusing, stressful and wonderful time of your life.

Just in case there’s something we’ve missed, you’ll also find loads of links to other great online resources and services throughout Australia.

So whether you’re single, dating, hooking up, or whatever, In Real Life is sure to help give you all the sex-ed for the real world info you need to know.