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Insider’s guide to vaginas – everything you should know about discharge.

What is vaginal discharge?

Well, first up, it’s important to know that vaginal discharge is completely normal. It’s your body doing some housekeeping, basically clearing out bacteria and dead cells and generally working to keep your vagina clean and protect it from germs. Discharge is also your vagina’s way of telling you what’s happening down there – whether you’re aroused, that your period is coming, or that you have an imbalance or infection.

What’s normal?

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Seriously, it’s time we put an end to those rumours about STIs

There are so many rumours and myths around sexual health; it’s no wonder many of us are confused about what’s true and what’s not, particularly when it comes to STIs (sexually transmissible infections). Like, surely only people who sleep around get STIs, right? Wrong, anyone who’s ever had sex is at risk of STIs. And, did you know it’s true that you can actually get STIs through oral sex too? As helpful as chatting to friends about sexual health can be, it’s also good to check the facts to make sure you’re up to speed with what’s myth and what’s not.

Play Safe know their stuff when it comes to STIs and have clarified all those pesky rumours for us. Find all the answers and test your knowledge here