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First time breakup – Brandon

It happens to everyone! We interview people about their own personal experiences of breaking up for the first time. What was it like being dumped? How did they feel when it happened? What advice can they give others.

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Sex-slang de-coded: what it all means from “bang” to “bae”

Do you make love, do the horizontal dance, copulate or mate? There are a thousand ways to talk about sex without literally using the word ‘sex’, but they all mean slightly different things. In fact, there’s a whole vocabulary around the world of relationships in general. In order to navigate these tricky waters, here’s a bit of sex-slang, de-coded.

All the way – To have sex with someone.

Bae – means ‘before anyone else’ and is usually used in reference to your partner, lover or crush. i.e. ‘I can’t wait to catch a movie with my bae tonight.’

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