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Insider’s guide to vaginas – everything you should know about discharge.

What is vaginal discharge?

Well, first up, it’s important to know that vaginal discharge is completely normal. It’s your body doing some housekeeping, basically clearing out bacteria and dead cells and generally working to keep your vagina clean and protect it from germs. Discharge is also your vagina’s way of telling you what’s happening down there – whether you’re aroused, that your period is coming, or that you have an imbalance or infection.

What’s normal?

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The stuff about reproductive anatomy you actually want to know

We all learnt about the birds and the bees at some point in our lives, whether it be the awkward chat with your parents or during health class at school, but how much did they really tell us? Sure, we all know about penises and vaginas, but what about all the other stuff? And they more often than not skipped over the parts that explain how your reproductive anatomy works when it comes to sexual pleasure and also about how diverse our body parts can actually look. This can lead to a whole range of confusion when it comes to feeling confident about your body and how to pleasure yourself and your partner.

Family Planning NSW have got your back and have created the Body Explorer tool on their Body Talk website – hallelujah! This tool lets you explore the typical male and female reproductive anatomy both internal and external so you can get up to speed up on all those important details you may have missed out on. Check it out for yourself and get to know your body – Body Talk.

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