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You’ve got this! What to expect during your STI test.

Knowing what to expect when you go for an STI test is half the battle.

The doctor or nurse will ask questions about your sexual history. Here are some questions they might ask you:

  • When was the last time you had sex?
  • Was this with a casual or regular partner?
  • If regular, how long have you been in the relationship?
  • What is the gender of your partner(s)?
  • What type of sex did you have? (oral, vaginal, anal)
  • How many partners have you had over the past 12 months?
  • Did you use condoms always, sometimes or never?
  • When was your last sexual health check-up?
  • Have you ever had an STI?

LOL. Probably not that question.

What about the actual test?

STI testing is quick and easy! Unless you have symptoms of an STI, you probably won’t need to take off your clothes for a physical exam.

The most common test is a urine test. Other types of test include a swab or blood test.

At the end of your appointment you should know which STIs you have been tested for and why. And it should be clear when and how you will receive any test results.

Sometimes you may need to come in for your results. And sometimes your results will be sent via phone or email.

What if I have an STI?

Don’t stress. Remember what we said before: STIs are common and treatable! And the earlier you detect it the better for your health.  If you have an STI, you’ll have to:

  • Press pause on sex for a moment.
  • Get treated. You’ll want to avoid passing the infection on to your sexual partners

Tell your partner(s). They’ll need to be tested too and possibly treated to avoid passing it back to you or to another partner.

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