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The dos and don’ts of dating

Dating, it’s one of the most interesting things to do, watch and hear about. Think about it, whenever a friend has a new love interest you are dying to hear about them and what happened on their date. However, watching is very different to doing, and asking someone out and going on a date can be quite intimidating, so here are some dating dos and don’ts to help you along the way.


  • It’s perfectly fine to make the first move. Confidence is always a positive and let’s face it, who doesn’t feel like a million bucks when someone tells them they’re gorgeous and they want to date them?
  • Think through how you are going to do the asking. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate The Bachelor style handing out a rose but put some thought and effort in. Whether you are going to do it in person, via text or even through a dating app. Think carefully before blurting something out, but don’t script it or anything.
  • If it is a blind date, be safe. Tell someone where you’re going and what the name of your date is. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Ideally, go somewhere public. This means there are things to comment on if the conversation lags and there’s also the fact that if they don’t turn out as you expected you’re in a safe place.
  • Be spontaneous. It’s great to have a plan for the date but if things change, don’t let it freak you out. If the restaurant is closed, or you can’t get a table, go somewhere else, don’t let a small change ruin the date.
  • Tell your date about yourself but also be prepared to listen. Use this time to learn about your date, not just drool, daydream and tune out while they talk.


  • It’s hard to say don’t be nervous when going out on a date, but if the person has agreed to go out with you, then they want to spend that time with you. Take a deep breath, tell yourself you’re awesome and enjoy yourself.
  • Don’t say things you think they want to hear. A second date will not come from pretending you like watching mixed martial arts or ballet when you really don’t. Be yourself so that they can get to know the real you.
  • Don’t agree to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you’re not cool with going into a back alley alone with your date, then don’t.
  • Don’t overthink things. If they haven’t called or texted you back straight after the date or the day after it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Give them time but don’t leave more than two texts or messages on their voicemail if you haven’t heard from them. It may look desperate and you may scare them off. On the flip side, don’t ghost them if you are not interested (suddenly ending communication). Be polite but honest and part on good terms.
  • Don’t expect your date to pay. It is awesome if they do, but be prepared to pay or split the bill. While some people may interpret it as being ‘friend-zoned’, it doesn’t have to mean anything other than the fact that it’s the 21st century and it’s okay to split the bill or for either person to pay.
  • Don’t assume that your date will bring condoms or be on the pill. It’s always good to be prepared in case things get steamy. Remember, condoms can prevent pregnancy as well as STIs.
  • Don’t think everyone you go out with will be ‘The One’. The beauty of dating is meeting new people, getting to know them and then working out if the two pieces of the puzzle fit. It can be easy to daydream about the person you’re crushing on and convince yourself you are meant to be because you both like the same band or sports team. It pays off to have things in common but don’t force something just because you are looking for a partner.

Overall, just have fun and enjoy the experience. Even the not so great ones. Bad dates can make for great stories!

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