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First (parent-free) overseas adventure? Five tips to make sure you enjoy it!

You’re out the door; next stop Bali or Thailand or Fiji! An exciting adventure is the only thing on your calendar and you’re ready for some sun & fun with your mates. You’re up for anything: partying, hook-ups, or maybe even getting a tattoo or piercing. You’ll see where the moment takes you.

With the swirl of excitement surrounding your upcoming trip, you may not be thinking much about the risks (even though your parents are). Something to consider is the potential risk of getting a sexually transmissible infection (STI) or blood-borne virus (BBV). Did you know that they are more common in many countries overseas than in Australia; and in many places, the number of people infected with HIV each year is higher too?

So how can you enjoy this time and keep yourself safe? Really, it’s all about knowing the risks that are out there and taking steps to protect yourself.

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