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Sex & drugs: Tips for partying safely

Tips for you and your friends if you decide to drink or take drugs:

  • Eat before drinking alcohol
  • Go out with friends. Look out for each other
  • Carry condoms if you think your night might lead to sex
  • Alternate soft drinks or water between alcoholic drinks to limit the amount you’re drinking and help keep you hydrated
  • If you choose to take drugs, let your friends know what you are taking
  • Only accept drinks from people you know and trust and never leave your drink on its own
  • Know how you are getting home
  • If you leave a party with someone, let your friends know where you’re going and who you’re with
  • Any doubts? Just don’t!

Before you go out, make a mental note of how you see your night going. What you are willing to do or not do. Know your limits so you can stay true to yourself and your boundaries. 

If you do end up having sex, make sure it’s consensual throughout! And remember that alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to make decisions and consent to sex.

If you are worried about yourself or someone else seek help immediately!

What to do if things don’t go according to plan?

Had sex without a condom:

Contact your general practitioner (GP) or doctor, sexual health clinic, or family planning clinic for the next steps. You can find information on where to get a sexual health check-up here.

If you are at risk for pregnancy:

Emergency contraception is available over the counter at pharmacies and can be taken up to 5 days after sex. But the sooner the better!

If you have been pressured or forced into having sex that you didn’t want to have contact:

  • 000 – If you are in immediate danger or fear for your safety
  • 1800RESPECT – a confidential counselling service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that provides support for people who have experienced sexual assault.
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